The Kennel Dee-Fair history

Kennel Dee-Fair was founded in the late 1970, and we registered our affix in 1980.


We have through the years emphasized good health, type and hunting abilities. Shows and field trials have been very important activities and has been an important factor in developing the labrador we have today.


Our first labrador bitch came to us in the late 1970. She was named Spica. She was the perfect hunting companion but not so much of a beauty.


In 1979 we acquired Sandylands Repartee from Gwen Broadley, Sandylands Kennel, England. She was the foundation bitch for our breeding program, and even today in our 9th generation, she is present.


In the beginning of1980 DK CH Bjørn came into our labrador family. He was breed by Hanne Kongsted in accordance with sound Danish breeding, which goes back to Sandylands.


In 1986 we met Gunilla Anderson, Aroscas Kennel, Sweden, and were fortunate enough to be part owners of a fantastic dog, DK CH Sandylands Night Flight.


Flight was of great value to our breeding program, and like Repartee, he is represented in most our breeding.


Fast forward to the 1990`s where we introduced Jayncourt Kennel in the breeding. INTCH Jayncourt The Charmer was a bitch of great importance. We mated her to INTCH and WW90 Dee Fair Amazing Fame, and from this litter we kept DKCH Dee Fair Front Cover.


After this litter, we wanted to continue with the Jayncourt lines for type and temperament. In 2001 one of our greatest influences DKCH Jayncourt Significant Star arrived. He was an exceptionel strong producer of type.


To this day we continue to strive towards the type that these lines have given us through the years.